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From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. How often do you (1) eat out, (2) cook for yourself or (3) otherwise forage for food?
(1) I'll et out probably 2-3 times a week. At least once for lunch, usually once for supper, and often one other time. *g* (2) All other days, lunches are frozen meals, and suppers I do for myself during the week, but they tend to be very simple. M Loves to cook, so he does all the cooking on the weekend, which is great for me. Does that count as foraging?

2. What's your favourite restaurant and why?
Lime. It's just around the corner, it's fairly cheap, the takeout is ready in 10 minutes, and it's good.

3. What's your favourite food to prepare for yourself?
Stir fry. Risotto. Hrmmm... I love to bake, but cooking's not so high on my list. And baking for one is ... irritating, especially if you're trying not to gain any more weight. My absolute favourite thing to bake is probably chocolate chip cookies. Truffles are also good - there's something kinda fun about being covered to the wrists in chocolate.

4. What one food gives you the strongest emotional reaction? Why?
I don't know that any foods give me an emotional reaction, truly... Turkey dinners are good things, though.

5. If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, what would you do with the coconuts?
Make bongo drums? Possibly, I'd try to spin up the coconut hair so that I could make some clothes.*g*
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1. How impulsive are you?
That kinda depends. I spend money very easily, so impulse buys happen all the time. Although not so much recently, or I'd already have an iPod. Otherwise, not at all. I'm not impulsive about how I spend my time, that's for sure - it can take me hours to decide on where to eat dinner if I'm eating out. *g* I tend to be logical and methodical in just about everything I do.

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From the [ profile] altfriday5:

Name your guilty pleasure when it comes to:

1. Music. That's easy - 80s Madonna. Like a Virgin comes on, and I've got the stereo cranked.

2. Food and/or drink. - Freshly baked bread. It's absolutely irresistible. And every now and again, I break down and buy a mint chocolate chip frappucino from Starbuck's. *g*

3. TV and/or movies. Umm... does Canadian Idol count? Oh, I know - The O.C., definitely.

4. Activities. Singing along with Once more, With Feeling. I think I must pop that in the DVD player at least once a month. *g* I spend an awful lot of time watching DVD sets of TV shows, actually...

5. Reading material. Romance novels. The Nora Roberts trilogies ( Born in, Chesapeake Bay, Dream, Jewels of the Sun, etc.) are like comfort food for me.

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From the [ profile] altfriday5:
1. You have half an hour to leave your home, knowing that you will never be back, and anything you leave behind will be destroyed or gone. What do you take? (assuming all the people are taken care of)

My cat. Cell phone & palm & chargers for both, so that I have phone numbers and can get in touch with people. Passport, Birth Certificate, insurance papers, bank info, credit cards, cash. As much bottled water and food as I have on hand.

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From the (seriously unofficial) [ profile] altfriday5:

1. What's the last gift you gave to someone?
M's birthday gift, given a week ago - a set of pots for his then completely-denuded kitchen. (He was cooking using his camping pots, a little set of aluminium pots made for using on a Coleman burner. *g*)

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From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. How much time do you typically spend alone* each day? Each week?
Each day? Three to four hours, most weekday evenings, I think. Very little, on the weekends. Probably around 20 hours a week.

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*alone = all by yourself, with no one else around (not "by yourself in a crowd")

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On the Move

Jun. 3rd, 2005 11:52 am
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From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. How far do you currently live from the place where you were born?
About 3000 km. St. John's, Newfoundland to Toronto

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I've just checked in the code for a project, and at 5:00 on a Friday? not really looking to start something new. So, it's time to waste some time.*g*

From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. Which time zone do you currently live in?
Eastern Standard Time

2. Which time zone did you grow up in, mostly?
Newfoundland Standard and Newfoundland Daylight.

3. What is the most number of time zones you have crossed in a short period of time (say, 24 - 72 hours)?
St. John's to Vancouver in one day, so 5. (Newfoundland to Atlantic to Eastern to Central to Mountain to Pacific). The trip from St. John's to London, England actually crosses fewer. *g*

4. Which time zone(s) do most of your friends live in?
Probably Eastern

5. Which is the coolest time zone?
I happen to be partial to Newfoundland Double Daylight - they only did it one year, the year I turned 19. Since it didn't get dark until almost 11, the bars got to stay open until 3 am. Good times. *g*


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