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All of a sudden, Firefox will not start on my work computer. Well, that's not entirely true - it starts and then immediately crashes (complete with the Mozilla Crash Reporter popping up).

I've installed no new hardware or software, although some of my Firefox add-ons did update yesterday.

So today, I'm using Google Chrome. *g* It seems to work pretty well, although I miss my FoxyTunes control and my Flashblock (and my RSS reader)

Hopefully a reboot tonight will solve the problem; otherwise, I've no idea how to fix it other than a complete new install.
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I booked tomorrow off work, a few weeks ago, since we're going to Ottawa this weekend, and the original plan was to leave on Friday.

We're not doing that anymore - we're leaving early Saturday morning instead - and now I'm trying to decide whether or not I should work tomorrow anyway.

Reasons to work: I took an unscheduled sick day off already this week. Plus, I don't actually need the day off anymore.

Reasons not to work: I have 6 weeks of accumulated vacation time; why not take a day? I could get my weekend chores (like, y'know, laundry) done tomorrow and not have to worry about getting everything done when we get back on Sunday. And it's not like I'm working on an urgent deadline at the moment - I'm just working on accumulated "stuff".

I'll have to decide before I go home tonight, anyway - I really should either remind my boss that I won't be in tomorrow, or let him know that I've changed my mind at some point today.


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