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So, [ profile] crystal_diva and I were talking about a possible visit to the Purple Purl tomorrow, since we're downtown anyway, and her ordered book should be in. I've got a shawl in my queue that needs some yarn, and I thought I'd pick up something from Tanis Fibre Arts for it.

Then, this morning, the new Knitty came out. It's the first one I can remember in quite a while where every single click brings me to a pattern that makes me go "cool, I'd like that." Every. Single. Click.

In an attempt to limit the damage, I've narrowed it down to three sweaters (one, two, three), two scarves, and two hats. Now, if I could just narrow it down to one of each, I might be able to get out of there without making my credit card card scream for mercy.

(First world problems, I know! *g*)
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+ Glorious, sunshine-y weather
- not being able to find my roller blades. For the first time in years, I wanted to go out on them, and I have no idea where they are. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I gave them away at some point.
+ Starting a new mystery Knit-a-long project - a purple lacewieght shawl, with beading.
- Having to rip said shawl halfway back because the designer misunderstood my question about how the nupps were to be worked.
- My cholesterol has gone through the roof in the last three months, prompting my doctor to prescribe cholesterol pills. I'm really, really ambivalent about taking them. I think I'm gonna try actually being careful about what I eat, instead. My 3-4 chocolate bars a week habit has to go bye-bye. I'm just not sure what else to change - I don't eat a lot of fast food, although the amount has gone up recently and will be cut back. I have been drinking pop recently, so that'll be cut out - HFCS has got to be a bad thing. M and I spent part of the weekend trying to figure out what had changed to make my cholesterol readings go up my 50% in 3 months, and that's about all we could come up with. I've been eating more pizza, more pop, and more chocolate, so all that will be going away (or at least being cut way, way back).
+ Coming up with a plan for facing the cholesterol problems. I can't just do my usual thing and ignore it, for once.
+ Snow melting - can green, growing things be far behind?
+ Finally figuring out a good chicken tikka marinade (I doubled the cayenne, and it finally has enough kick)
+ Sunshine, and not needing to wear winter boots this morning.
+ A short work week - I have Friday off.
+ An upcoming visit with family, and getting to see my nephew!
+ Sunshine!
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Heh. I just checked my status on the Ravelry invite list. I was told:
  • You signed up on July 15, 2007

  • You are #16711 on the list.

  • 9543 people are ahead of you in line.

  • 4340 people are behind you in line.

  • 33% of the list has been invited so far
They've about 21,000 requests for invites from Beta testers since June. I mean, I know crafters are really into, well, their craft, but that seems insane. Of course, I can't wait to get my invite, so I can start setting up projects and managing stash and posting pictures and all that kinda stuff. It seems like it's gonna be a really cool site, once it's actually live.

I've actually thought about trying to write software to do something like this on a personal level; doing it on a community level just seems more useful. This way, when I'm starting something new, instead of googling the pattern name for wool recommendations and such, I can just look up the pattern in this one place, and there'll be lots of people with info on how they did it. It'll need a critical mass to work, of course, but it looks to me like they'll have it. It's just such a cool idea. I kinda wish I'd come up with it. *g*
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So, I've gone and created a new blog. Over on Blogger, actually. I wanted to see what it was like, what the differences in setup and use were like, so I created a new place to talk about my knitting and (maybe) spinning, and other such creative pursuits. I won't stop talking about stuff like that here, but I didn't want to spam my whole friends list with the stuff all the time, and I don't want to lock the posts down to a subset, either, so I can talk about stuff with people who aren't on my friends list. (It actually seems like an awful lot of crafters have craft-specific blogs, probably for the same reason). So, new blog. And the reason it's in Blogger? Mainly so that I can have a sidebar with "percent done" graphics for projects, which you can't do in LJ. *g*

Anyway, I thought I would try out Blogger, and it's just...different. It's just so much more broadcast than conversation. There's nothing like a friends' list there, no easy way to check the blogs of people you'd like to read, who are also using Blogger. There's no easy way to log in to blogger from your own page, so it seems like they assume you'll post something and then never look again. And, you're maybe two clicks away from making money by putting ads on your blog. There's no such thing as public vs. private posts. All in all much more "publishing" than "journal", and it's gotta be hard to build communities over there...

If you'd like to check it out, it's at CarynKnits. I've also created a syndicated feed for it on LJ - something else I wanted to try out (Blogger makes it ridiculously easy to create, LJ makes it ridiculously easy to add, so it's all good), and you can access it here
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Haven't posted much at all recently, have I?

Let's see - last weekend I went to a Pampered Chef party at [ profile] race29girl's place, and spent waaay too much money. *g* I'm now thinking about hosting such a thing myself, but I don't really think I have enough space. The free goodies if it goes well, though, are tempting.

Other than that, I've been kinda unofficially participating in The Knitting Olympics. I never actually signed up, but I thought it would be cool to challenge myself to try something different, and to try to get it done inside of 16 days. I almost decided to try to make some socks, but I didn't make it to a yarn store, so I went with something sitting in my stash, waiting for me to get to it. knitting stuff, including pictures )

So I've spent the last two weeks on the couch, watching the Olympics (Jeff Buttle was fantastic! So was Joannie Rochette!), mainlining the first season of House and knitting like crazy.

Speaking of House..(Spoilers for Season 1, pretty vague) )

My plans for tonight are to do laundry, vacuum my apartment, fortify myself with a glass of scotch, and attempt to pickup the 438 stitches I need to do the border on the shawl. And maybe watch some Season 1 Wonder Woman while I'm at it. Yeah, my life's just that exciting. *g*


Nov. 21st, 2005 10:57 am
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As I noted on Saturday, I managed to finish my Rogue, finally! I'd forgotten what a rush it was to finish off something I really like, and will wear. I'm not generally very creative or crafty, so managing to finish something like this just felt really, really good.

I also really liked the fact that I had to learn a lot in order to finish the pattern. Some things I'd never done before are:
  • Some simple different stitching patterns like slip-slip-knit and knitting/purling through back loops. I learned to knit from my mother and my grandmother, and they were, apparently, pretty straightforward when it came to knitting. Changing the direction of the stitch decreases does make a difference in the look of the finished product, though.

  • Another relatively simple trick I'd never done before: Making the increases and decreases one in from the edge, instead of the last stitch in the row. It makes for much smoother edging.

  • Double cable increases and decreases - specific to Celtic knotwork-type cabling, these look pretty cool.

  • Blocking. I'd never even heard of blocking before, and I was amazed at the difference it makes in the end product. Who thought that wetting and pinning down the wool before putting it all together would actually do anything? *g*

  • The biggest of them all, though, had to be the grafting. I'm incredibly proud of how well the grafting of the cable pattern on the hood turned out, considering I'd never done any before.

And now, on to the pictures! )


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