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Much, much thanks to [ profile] mycrazyhair, [ profile] mightydoll and [ profile] lordzowy who came out to my place and helped me paint last night. We got both rooms done, and with two coats of paint, no less! You guys are great!

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The only problem is - the bedroom is just too yellow. It was supposed to be gold, but it came out a colour much more suited to a kitchen or child's playroom than adult's bedroom. It's just too cheery for first thing in the morning. I'm not sure what to do - I'm considering ragging a darker colour over top of it to mute it down a little, but I'm not absolutely sure how that even works. And, since I'm the one who picked this colour, I don't trust myself to pick a colour that will work with it properly.

On the plus side, the colour in the main room came out absolutely great. Thanks to [ profile] mycrazyhair for suggesting it!
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I was talking with [ profile] angelfire1969 last night about the difficulty in unpacking with all my boxes in the room. I described it as a "Wall of Boxes" once you walk in, but I really don't think that does it justice. So, some sample pictures. *g*

Pictures of the mess )
The new place is 6 feet longer in the main room, but not as wide. I've graphed it out, so I'm sure all the furniture will fit (except for the end tables that I didn't really want, anyway). I'm definitely going to have to unpack boxes as soon as they're moved, though, or I'll be in the same spot - unable to unpack because I can't get at shelves to put stuff away.

It'll be fun, though. Organizing/re-arranging a new place is one of the good parts of moving. I never do it once I'm in a place, so this may be my chance to shake things up a bit.


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