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Oct. 26th, 2009 11:36 am
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So, I have just discovered the joy that is good cookware. (Yes, I am mumbly-mumble years old. Why do you ask?).

While out shopping yesterday, we found a KitchenAid ceramic roaster for 60% off, and picked it up. And then, we cooked a turkey for dinner last night.

Holy crap, it's sweet.

The turkey was cooked in exactly the amount of time that it should have been (which kinda threw off the rest of dinner actually; I was expecting the turkey to take about an hour longer, since it always does.) And, it was nicely cooked through, with no over- or under-done spots. The biggest problem that we had was that the bird was probably actually a little too small for the roaster, and so we had to add some stock to the bottom of the pan to keep it from drying out.

The best part was cleanup, though. Instead of having to leave the roaster to soak overnight and then spend half an hour scrubbing to get it clean, it just ... wiped clean. It. Just. Wiped. Clean. After cooking a turkey.

When I start rhapsodizing over cookware? You know it's gotta be good. *g* Either that, or, yes, my life is just that exciting.
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  • Bowling is fun, but man, I was sore afterward. My hip flexors didn't like all the lunges with weights I was doing. *g*

  • On that theme, I really need to get back to the gym. We went for a "walk" with the dogs yesterday, and keeping up with the 10-year-old (that's 70 in dog years!), arthritic, meek Mayhem almost killed me. I don't like getting looks that clearly say "what's the problem, slowpoke?" from her. On the plus side, the new pills seem to be working wonders for her arthritis.

  • Pasta with sausage, peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes cooked in a white wine sauce? Yum!

  • Appliance shopping is just weird. It's almost like... I'm an adult! Heh.

  • The play of the football game (Seattle vs Dallas, on Saturday) made a lot more sense when we realized the score was 20-21 for Seattle, instead of 21-22 for Dallas in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. The reception was a little fuzzy, so we thought the 20 was a 22. So, with seconds left to go we were alternating between "why does the Dallas QB (who fumbled a snap for a field goal from about the 5th yard line, ouch) look so devastated? They're still winning the game! They have it." and "Why isn't Seattle trying harder? Why are they letting the clock run down, they could score again!" Then the game was over, and the wrong team was celebrating, and we clued in to the fact that the second digit in the Dallas score was a "0" instead of a "2". Heh. That'll teach to just tune into the game for the last 10 minutes.

  • The weather is freaky. I let the dogs out at 9 yesterday morning, looked around, and said "What a lovely spring day". The crocuses are starting to grow, the trees are starting to bud, and Havoc & Mayhem were getting frisky. It's not April, dammit! None of that should be happening!

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Does anyone out there have a good recipe for regular cheesecake, preferably sized to go in a 6" Springform pan?

Chocolate Cheesecake I have a recipe for, but my google searching keeps turning up recipes that have whipping cream or sour cream in them, and I always thought it was just cream cheese, usually. I'm gonna make a glaze for the top, and I'm sure I can manage the graham cracker crust without too much trouble, but I'm having trouble finding a good recipe for the actual cheesecake part of the recipe.

So, any favourites?


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