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An hour left before the weekend, and I figure it's time for some Good Things:
  • An hour left until the weekend, natch!

  • lunch with the girls tomorrow

  • A really productive week at work. My to-do list is still longer than it was on Monday, but I got 5 incidents closed yesterday alone, and that makes this a good week

  • My garden is growing. The hostas are getting bigger, all the tree type plants came back really well, and even the asiatic lilies survived the winter - I can't wait until they bud and bloom! (What? It's my first year with a garden to watch bloom in 20 years!)

  • I managed to snag a ticket home for a week this summer on points, and I've even got the approved vacation time for it. Two whole weeks off, one in Newfoundland, and one here. Yay!

So, what's going well in your world?
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I think I'm overdue for a good things list:
  • My niece, Chloe (see the icon!) made it safely into the world!

  • I finished the first step of making truffles last night. I bought so much cream that I think I may need to make another batch, just to use it up. The best part? I only ate about the equivalent of one truffle inside piece. That stuff is like chocolate-chip cookie dough, almost impossible to stop eating, so I am truly impressed with my restraint. *g*

  • I have brand-new yarn winder, so I can make balls out of hanks of wool. This means I can buy lots of really interesting yarns, since I'll actually be able to use it once I get home. *g* First up is a pair of socks (my first pair!) out of some HandMaiden hand-painted merino.

  • I'm going to see Great Big Sea in concert tonight!

  • The sun is shining brightly, which always helps put me in a good mood.

  • My clothes are getting looser, which is the best possibly way to tell that the eating less/exercising more program may actually be working.

Yeah, life is good.
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Y'know, even though work this week had me alternating between whimpering in pain ("please don't give me something else to be done by yesterday, please!") and wanting to kill someone ("I'm only one person dammit!"), it's actually been a good week on the personal stuff.

Heh. It just occurred to me that those were both actual quotes from me over the last week. So, yeah, work was hell. For the first time that I can ever remember, I actually interrupted someone (three different someones, on three different occasions, actually) mid sentence with "Do you really need me for this? 'Cause I have work to do."

However, the weekend is now here, and I'm gonna do a good things list.
  • I've actually managed to cut, hem, and hang my drapes in the main room. Yay for progress on getting the apartment looking like I actually mean to live here for a while.

  • On that front, I've also actually managed to unpack another box. Now, all that's left is two boxes that don't get unpacked (to-small clothes that I want to fit into again, and my box of crafting stuff - leftover wool, cross stitch kits, etc.), 3 smallish boxes of pictures and knickknacks, a box of winter scarfs and mitts, and a box of Magic:The Gathering cards that I haven't figured out what to do with. Progress, of a sort.

  • It's a very nice, sunshiny day out.

  • I have a new video card and a new hard drive, just sitting there and waiting for me to have the time to take my system apart and play.

  • My Big Sister is havin' a baby! Woo-hoo! She's extremely excited and happy about it, and the pregnancy seems to be going very well, so this is the bestest of all possible news. *g*
Yeah, there's some good stuff in my life. *g*
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After an extremely stressful week, I think it's time for a Good Things list. *g* I'm really, really tired of fighting back tears all the time, so it's gonna stop, now! (That's the main reason I've been really, really quiet all week, even for me. When I get emotional/stressed, I just completely shut off.) The biggest stressor has been, if not removed, at least pushed back a little. I can breathe again.

So, Good Things:
  • Hearing from the landlord at M's place. She hasn't had time to even look at his application, so she's letting him stay for at least another month. Hopefully, I won't be in this state again in 4 weeks...

  • Turning off the A/C and sleeping with my windows open.

  • Getting out of town for the long weekend. If not tomorrow, then Saturday morning. ([ profile] mycrazyhair, do you still need a ride home?)

  • Getting the drapes in the bedroom cut to size and hemmed, and getting all four panels on the rod. One thing about stress - the best way for me to deal with it is to have something to do. So, I finally got the drapes done. *g* It makes the apartment look a little more permanent, and a little less student-y.

  • I have tomorrow off. Four-day weekends are always good.

Good things

Jun. 9th, 2005 07:15 pm
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This week, this is the bestest of news!

I Have Air Conditioning!

Many thanks to [ profile] lordzowy for his help in installing the beast. I can now breathe in my apartment. This is sooo good.

True, it still needs a couple of brackets that will be installed once I make a trip to Canadian Tire after supper, but it's in the window, it's in solidly, and it's running. What more could I ask for?
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There have been some pretty good things going on this week, after all, so I think it might be time to document them. *g*

Good Things )

In other news, I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm going to Ad Astra next month. I've booked a hotel room, but I might need that weekend to organize & pack. However, the mailing I received from them last night promised coffee, chocolate, and scotch tastings, and I think those are tipping the balance in favour of a "yes". *g*

Good news!

Dec. 7th, 2004 10:07 pm
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My baby sister's getting married! Woo-hoo!
(She may be over 30, but she'll always be baby-sis to me. *g*) The wedding's not going to happen until the spring of 2006, but I still feel like throwing some confetti!

She's even promised me that the bridesmaid's dresses will be "reasonable". She's the best.
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I have my own phone on my desk at work!!!

Umm, sorry, I just had to celebrate. After working here for two years, they've finally wired the 6 of us in the secondary office (same building, different floor as the main office) into the main PBX, and we're getting our own extensions.

I currently keep my cell phone charged and with me at all times, since that's the only way I can be reached at my desk. I'll be able to start giving out a real phone number, which will be cool. Small things, I know. *g*
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I like the way [ profile] mycrazyhair has been posting "good things" on an almost daily basis. It's a certain mood-lifter, for one thing. I thought I'd start to do the same. Focus on the positive, y'know? So here goes, good things in the last 24 hours:
  • Beautiful sunshiny days
  • Fresh asparagus, fresh strawberries - just fresh veggies and berries in general.
  • The people I work with. Just, overall good.
  • Long conversation with a friend that I don't seem to talk to often enough. (Thanks for calling, R)
  • Beautiful days
  • Sitting on my balcony with a glass of wine (and Ella on the stereo) in the early evening, soaking up the spring air.
  • Pretty summertime clothes that make me feel good.
  • No socks necessary!
  • Plans for a Canada's Wonderland trip with my sister.
  • Did I mention the weather...?


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