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Even without the incentive of [ profile] mycrazyhair's company, I actually hauled my ass out of bed and made it to the gym this morning, which is really good. That's the first time I've been in a number of weeks, and it actually felt great. So, I'm thinking about signing up for a personal trainer. It'll get me to the gym regularly, that's for sure. It's awfully expensive, though. It'll basically double the cost of my gym membership for a year to have 10 sessions with a trainer, and that seems high. There's a large part of me that thinks I should just have enough discipline to do it on my own.

Well, I guess I'll see what my budget looks like in the new year. Who has time/extra money for that in December? Not me, that's for sure.

I think I will try to make the Yoga class tomorrow evening, though. [ profile] mycrazyhair, you in? It's at 5.

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Jul. 5th, 2005 08:47 am
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I actually made it back to a Weight Watchers meeting last night! Woo-hoo! Much thanks to [ profile] mycrazyhair for finding a meeting in our neighbourhood. That always makes in easier. My weigh-in wasn't bad - I've lost about 1/2 a pound over the last 2 months. Given the amount of eating out I've been doing, that really was actually okay. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to get back on track again, properly, and lose that last 25 pounds I want gone.

Afterwards, it was back to [ profile] mycrazyhair's place for a nice, healthy dinner, and a couple of hours of just talking. It was nice - we haven't really had a chance to talk in a few weeks, so that was good.

Now, if I can just make it to the gym tonight like I've planned that will be good. I think I'm gonna try the spinning class...
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Almost exactly a year ago, I reached my weight loss goal in the WeightWatchers program. It had taken me almost two years, but I lost a total of 109 pounds, and I was very happy with myself.

Well, I weighed myself this morning, and I've put about 25 pounds of that back on. So, this has to stop. If I keep it up, in another couple of years I'll be close to where I started from, and I worked too hard to get the weight off to allow that to happen. I kept one size of clothing larger than what I needed at that minimum weight, and most of that is now uncomfortably small. I'm not about to buy new stuff, though, not at this weight.

The truth is, I'm now starting to dread my trip home Christmastime. Last year was so much fun, and this year I'll just get a sad look from Mom, with a "But you were doing so well..."

So, I'm going back on program. One thing I've done is set up a journal for logging food and exercise points - it's at [ profile] carynww. I figure if I do at least that much out in public, maybe it'll help me stick to program for a while. It's worth a shot, anyway.


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