Sep. 25th, 2003

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[ profile] ajhalluk has some thoughts on reproduction in the Vorkosiverse that are kinda interesting. It'll be cool to see where she goes from here, and if she actually brings reproductive technology / social controls on Athos into it.

Anyway, lots of discussion on Barrayar vs Beta and reproductive controls, which is always interesting.

Until I manage to get my hands on a copy of Paladin of Souls, I guess general Nexus discussion will have to do.
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Well, that was an expensive lunch hour. I wandered out to my closest bookstore, looking for a copy of Paladin of Souls (which I still haven't found). One of the stores near the bookstore is a Danier Leather Outlet, so I brought along the leather jacket I'd bought there a year ago to get a button sewn back on.

Big mistake - walking into that store means I leave with something, every time. I'm now the owner of a tan suede blazer/fall jacket - or I will be in a week, once I get it back from having the sleeves shortened.

Sigh. I have no willpower. I can't really afford the jacket right now, but that doesn't stop me from buying it. I'm beginning to believe that credit cards are bad things.

On other topics, last night's West Wing )


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