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With some recent unexpected bills (I wish comprehensive pet insurance had been around/promoted when our pets were still young enough to qualify, that's for sure), M and I have decided we'll have to skip the roadtrip to Jersey to see Springsteen & the E Street Band close out Giants stadium. :-(

So, I'm now looking to sell the pair of tickets. I'd like to recover the cost of the tickets, so I'll sell them for $150US or $170Cdn, if anyone wants them. They're in section 313 row 8, and they're for the Saturday Oct. 3 show. If you're interested, just let me know.

(I'm not really expecting anyone on my friends list will want them - I don't think I know anyone in the New York/New Jersey area, let alone anyone in the area who's into Springsteen, but I thought I'd ask)

Has anyone used StubHub to buy/sell tickets? Any recommendations for or against? Are there any other good ways for selling tickets? I could use eBay as well, I guess, but with StubHub I don't think I'd need to worry about getting paid the same way. Besides, there are over a thousand sets of tickets for the series of concerts on sale on eBay - I'd think it would be really, really easy to get lost in the shuffle.


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