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This week has been about colour, and music, and a smushed-up car. Doesn't it sound like fun?

Saturday morning, I actually dyed my hair back to a single colour, as close as possible to my natural colour. M's first reaction - "That colour really suits you!". Heh. He's only seen my natural colour once, the night we met. The first time we went out, it was all multi-coloured, with lots of blonde and red in it.

We went to the Mattamy Design Center on Sunday, to start looking around at tiles and paint and carpet and options and... it's more than a little overwhelming. The current plan is to pick the base paint and carpet colours, and then go one room at a time, choosing tiles and cabinetry an all the other stuff I need to choose. Looking at it all at once, it is really, really overwhelming. *g* And scary. So many decisions to make! I can't choose a restaurant when going out for a meal. How am I supposed to pick all this stuff?!??! Could be an interesting few months.

Then on Monday, on my way home from work, I got into a little bit of a smash-up on the 404. I'm fine - everyone involved seemed to be fine, thank God - but my car is a little smushed. There were four cars that had to be towed away, but I was behind them. Kind of a separate accident related to the first, I guess. The woman in front of me had the accident happen right in front of her, and managed to stop in time. My brakes aren't as good as hers, apparently, and I didn't manage to stop before hitting her. Her car has some scratches on the hard case spare tire cover, while my hood is dented and bent from the contact. It's a good thing her tire was so high up - the contact appears to have only affected the hood, the car frame is fine. I'll be getting that fixed in the New Year. [ profile] lordzowy managed to pop his kneecap sidestepping debris, as he was helping another driver out of her car. He's on crutches right now, but hopefully he'll be okay, soon. Everyone else was up and walking around, talking to the cops and each other, so at least it wasn't too bad.

Last night was my final in the C# course I was taking at George Brown. I think it went pretty well, but I guess I'll have to wait and see the marks to be sure. *g*

That was followed up by Yuletide Singing Night at chez [ profile] mycrazyhair. Now, that was a lot of fun! I had a great time, hamming it up during the The Twelve Days of Christmas and It's beginning to look a lot like Fish-men! 'Twas a lot of fun. *g* I do like singing in a group.

Today, I have approximately 15000000 things to do before heading coming to work in the morning, including: apartment cleaning, getting to the bank, wrapping gifts, finishing the sweater for Chloƫ and packing for the trip home. Will I get it all done at a reasonable hour? Somehow, I doubt it. Tonight's gonna be another night of very little sleep, I think. Oh well, I can sleep in Friday morning!
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I've spent almost all of the day working on my assignment for my C# class. It's not due for another week, but since next weekend is booked to the gills, I figured I should try to get most of it out of the way today.

And, I think it's mostly done. *g* The most frustrating thing this morning was getting the toolbox to recognize my pre-built custom User forms. I thought I just had to reference them in the project - I didn't realize I had to explicitly add the link to the .dll I'd created into the Toolbox. It took me a while to track that down - googling "Using Windows Control Library" was, unsurprisingly, not very effective. *g*

Anyway, all I have left to do now is the bonus marks piece. The assignment is to build, basically, a contact manager, and the bonus marks are to allow a user to update an address. So far, I only allow them to add, view, and delete. I've got some ideas on how to do the update, but I think I'll let it percolate for a while before attempting that piece.

I think it's time to watch this week's Battlestar Galactica and do some more Christmas knitting. After about 8 hours of sitting with the laptop in my lap, I think it might be time to relax.


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