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2015-04-17 10:53 am
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Things making me happy this week

In an attempt to get back in the habit of posting, I thought I'd follow the lead of one of my favorite podcasts, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour and post a short list of some of the things making me happy this week.

  • Lunch plans with [ profile] mycrazyhair, [ profile] neeuqdrazil, and [ profile] crystal_diva. Girls' lunch is always fun, and having [ profile] crystal_diva in town is a welcome plus.

  • The new Star Wars trailer! Every time I see it, I get goosebumps. I wasn't getting my hopes up, after the mess that was the prequels, but all of a sudden, I can't wait to see this movie :-)

  • Orphan Black returns this weekend. I love that show, and I'm looking forward to the twists and turns of the the new season.

Yay! Made a post! Could I use more exclamation marks?
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2011-11-18 09:25 am

Knitting in public. *g*

Wow, I've really gotten out of the habit of posting, haven't I? Six months, it's been. Not that I was ever a prolific poster, mind, but six months seems a bit much.

Anyway, I spent last night out at a reading by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, i.e. the Yarn Harlot, followed by dinner with [ profile] crystal_diva and [ profile] neeuqdrazil (Hmm, I should drop a line to Dreamwidth to allow for links to ravelry IDs - they would be a little more appropriate here).

Anyway, the reading was lots of fun. Stephanie was really entertaining, and having heard her voice, I'll be hearing her read her blog in my head from now on. The bookstore was obviously not quite prepared for us - they had maybe 40 chairs put out, and I'd say there were 100-150 people there. It was hard to see how many people were in the standing-room only areas, like us. It was kinda fun, being in a largeish group of people, most of whom had knitting in their hands. There was a wide variety of projects on display, and I think I freaked the woman next to me out a bit when she hauled out an sweater with an intricate pattern of twisted stitches, and I gushed over it. She was peppered with questions - what pattern? what yarn? and I think she got a little flustered. *g* And [ profile] neeuqdrazil had a bee-you-ti-ful test knit shawl in three different colours of Indigodragonfly's fabulous yarn.

It was a fun evening. I really should try to get out more. *g*

Speaking of which, M & I have tickets to see Hey Rosetta! next week, so that will be two weeks in a row where I've actually been out socially on a work night. Woo-hoo!
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2011-04-06 01:23 pm
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Keepin' Busy

It seems like I've been really busy lately, but I'm not sure doin' what...
  • I've been knitting lots - I'm working on a pair of socks right now, and I've the yarn for another pair coming in the next week or so. Those, I'm looking forward to - I'm going to be doing Viper Pilots in a dark blue yarn shot with silver, IndigoDragonfly's Shiny, in Tardis - I think they'll be gorgeous, but I'm not sure they'll be exactly high-wear. Kim (indigodragonfly) appears to have graduated from the OPI school of colour names, and half the attraction of the yarn is the names. Plus, it's very schooshy!

  • I've been reading lots, too. According to my Goodreads library, I've read 26 books so far this year, so I'm averaging two a week. My Kobo really seems to be upping that book count. I'm currently actually reading a hard copy book, now, though - I'm re-reading Jean Auel's Shelters of Stone before reading her new book, The Land of Painted Caves.

  • I've also, this week, been watching Ken Burns' The Civil War - PBS is re-broadcasting it right now, and I've never seen it. It's fascinating to watch, and a little horrifying. I don't think I ever realized how bloody that war really was; the fact is that it seems like the North spent the first two years snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, making the war last a lot longer than it needed to.

  • I've also started watching Castle - I've watched the first season, and I loved it! For a show about a murder cop, I end up with a smile on my face an awful lot. *g* Beckett's competent and smart! Castle's a wise-ass and smart! Plus, Castle's actually a good parent - how weird is that? He's, like, Keith-Mars-level good!

  • The return of sunshine makes everything better - I feel a little less like hibernating, and I'm watching my garden for changes daily. The lilacs are almost ready to start showing leaves, and the hyacinths and tulips are coming up nicely.

Heh. So that's a list of a bunch of the stuff I've been meaning to post, but haven't quite gotten around to...
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2011-01-14 11:45 am
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In an attempt to get myself posting again, I thought I'd start doing booklog/short review posting. Ever since I got my Kobo e-reader last June, I've been reading a lot more than I had been - something about the ease of reading with it, and the constant presence of the books has meant that I've done a lot more reading. I do love having an eReader in my purse at all times, and the Kobo has worked great for me.

Booklog 1 )

Currently open on my "I'm Reading" list - 1634: the Ram Rebellion, 1634: The Bavarian Crisis, Magic Burns, The Search, and Anne of Green Gables.
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2010-10-01 11:05 am

I think my budget is doomed. Doomed, I say!

So, [ profile] crystal_diva and I were talking about a possible visit to the Purple Purl tomorrow, since we're downtown anyway, and her ordered book should be in. I've got a shawl in my queue that needs some yarn, and I thought I'd pick up something from Tanis Fibre Arts for it.

Then, this morning, the new Knitty came out. It's the first one I can remember in quite a while where every single click brings me to a pattern that makes me go "cool, I'd like that." Every. Single. Click.

In an attempt to limit the damage, I've narrowed it down to three sweaters (one, two, three), two scarves, and two hats. Now, if I could just narrow it down to one of each, I might be able to get out of there without making my credit card card scream for mercy.

(First world problems, I know! *g*)
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2010-08-25 03:21 pm

Freedom from Cable?

On Monday, we're having a HDTV antenna installed on the roof.

Now, I know we could have just bought the equipment and installed it ourselves, but the thought of me or Mike up on the roof to install the thing, plus us drilling a hole into the house to get the cable in... Nope, not gonna happen. That's what people who do this kinda thing for a living are out there for.

Monday night, I'll cancel my cable, and bring the box back to Rogers.

It's odd - the only thing I'll really think we'll miss is Cake Boss (which is watchable online) - and maybe the Weather Network.

I just figured, if I was gonna try to break from from the Rogers fold, it would be a good thing to get it done BEFORE the new season actually starts, and I get back into the habit of watching 15 gazillions shows, most of them on at the same time. Now I'll be forced into one at a time, and hopefully, I'll actually cut back a little. *g* Hopefully.

To top it off, those shows we do watch - on the 20 or so channels we should be able to get - will have a much higher picture quality. Have you seen the over-the-air HDTV picture quality? It's absolutely fantastic!
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2010-08-25 12:07 pm
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That's ... weird

All of a sudden, Firefox will not start on my work computer. Well, that's not entirely true - it starts and then immediately crashes (complete with the Mozilla Crash Reporter popping up).

I've installed no new hardware or software, although some of my Firefox add-ons did update yesterday.

So today, I'm using Google Chrome. *g* It seems to work pretty well, although I miss my FoxyTunes control and my Flashblock (and my RSS reader)

Hopefully a reboot tonight will solve the problem; otherwise, I've no idea how to fix it other than a complete new install.
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2010-06-18 10:02 am
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Dear Virgin Mobile....

This fancy-schmancy (supposedly) new billing system you've implemented? So far, I'm not impressed.

You never sent me either a new bill or a new account number, so that i could go into your system and check my balance for myself.

And then, this morning, you text me a friendly reminder to pay my bill before service is cut off? Not cool. I have not yet received this bill that I'm supposedly not paying. And I've not received the account number that I'm supposed to make the payment on. How, precisely, was I supposed to pay it?

After 25 minutes on hold with your support people, I am not a happy camper.

No love,

P.S. If that friendly voice says "Thanks for hanging in there. You're a real trooper!" once more, I'll really start getting peeved.
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2010-04-25 04:07 pm
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Lazy Sunday

Lazy's pretty much the only way I can sum up today :-)

Last night was mostly about a bout with the insomnia monster, combined with a killer allergy attack. At least - I hope it's allergies, or else I've got one hell of a spring cold.

So, I actually went back to bed at 9:30 this morning, and rested until noon. I've made it out to a drug store, and managed to pick up an allergy med for *nighttime* - why on earth are almost all allergy meds non-drowsy? I'd like to sleep sometime, y'know...

So, now I'm just organizing my LJ Scrapbook pictures and moving them all over to flickr, and updating the associated entries to point to the new locations. I've pretty much decided LJ is getting no more of my money, so when my account runs out in June, I won't renew. That means moving those pictures out now, so that the entries don't break. Oh, and updating carynknits so that the galleries of past projects point to the correct place.

Now, I'm off to find the originals for all the pictures in scrapbook.

On the plus side, I believe we're gonna be watching Sherlock Holmes, assuming I can stay awake that long. RDJ Goodness!
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2010-04-15 09:58 am
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So, I just noticed this morning that iTunes is now carrying what appears to be all available seasons of Doctor Who for sale/download.

I'd never watched any Doctor Who before RTD took over; I was a HUGE Queer as Folk fan, and when the creator of that moved over to Doctor Who, I thought I would try it out. Of course, I loved it.

Every now and again, I'd wander through HMV or Best Buy and look at the old seasons for sale, but the prices for the BBC releases were ridiculous - I wasn't about to pay $30 or $40 for 4 half-hour episodes. The iTunes releases, though are a lot more reasonable - $6 for the 4-episode seasons.

So, now I'm thinking I'll buy some old-school Doctor Who.

Which doctor should I start with? Go back to the very beginning and get the William Hartnell Series? Just start with the Tom Baker Ones? Which Doctor had Sarah Jane as a Companion?

Who's your favorite old-school Doctor?

(As a separate question, has anyone downloaded TV episodes off iTunes? What's the quality like? I'll be hooking my laptop up to the TV to watch them; is the quality good enough for that, or do they just sell the lower quality stuff optimized for watching on an iPod?)
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2010-03-19 12:59 pm

Web Hosting Options?

So, [ profile] crystal_diva appears to be starting to organize a reunion for our high school class. Since I eat lunch with her everyday, this appears to mean I'm helping. *g*

So, I'm now the "web person", and I'm looking for a domain hosting service. Right now, it'll just be a place to collect name and address info, so I'll need php and mysql access, but it'll never be very complicated - just a few information pages and maybe a mailing list, really. And, we're really not looking to spend $30 or $40 a month to do this.

One local hosting service I've found is Ethical Hosting - their base service is only $7/month, which seems really reasonable. Anyone know what they're like to deal with? And "gotchas" I should be looking for? Any other recommendations for hosting services?

We're looking to get a domain registered and a base site up in the next couple of weeks, so there's no big rush, but I've never tried to get this kind of hosting before, and I'm not sure what the pitfalls are.
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2010-03-18 01:01 pm
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I love springtime.

I love watching our garden grow. Our snowdrops and bluebells are getting a little taller every day. (apparently, we'll have to move the snowdrops to somewhere with a little more sun for next year, since they're nowhere near blooming yet, and they should be completely out by now.)

I love talking walks in the warm spring air, stopping to talk to the neighbors for the first time in months. And getting all the news - one couple spent a month in the Philippines; another gave birth to twin girls.

I love the way people's moods just brighten, this first week of sunshine. Kids are out in the park, playing, people are out walking their dogs, and everyone says "hi" as they walk by.

And, our lilacs are thisclose to budding. There's something about the growing green that just makes me happy.

Life is good.
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2010-03-18 11:32 am

Wednesday Night TV

I've really been enjoying watching Republic of Doyle - some of it is nostalgia, some of it is how beautifully it's shot, and some of it is just enjoying the characters. The acting and writing have gotten better every week, I think.

Last night's can be summed up for me as "Jody! Hee!" It's been fun, watching the show and recognizing the actors - it seems like anyone at all connected to the arts community on Newfoundland is going to end up on there eventually - but seeing Jody Richardson was cool. It seems to me that I went to a lot of Thomas Trio and the Red Albino concerts back in the early 90s. I thought it was Jody, as soon as he appeared on screen, and then the granny referred to him as the Red Albino, and that confirmed it. Hard to believe it's been almost 20 years since the BBQs in his backyard in downtown Toronto, before he went back home to Newfoundland.

And next week they have Victor Garber! Victor Garber!?! How the hell is a little show on the CBC landing someone like Victor Garber in a role?

American Idol Top 12 Results )
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2010-03-11 11:13 am
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Decisions, decisions

I booked tomorrow off work, a few weeks ago, since we're going to Ottawa this weekend, and the original plan was to leave on Friday.

We're not doing that anymore - we're leaving early Saturday morning instead - and now I'm trying to decide whether or not I should work tomorrow anyway.

Reasons to work: I took an unscheduled sick day off already this week. Plus, I don't actually need the day off anymore.

Reasons not to work: I have 6 weeks of accumulated vacation time; why not take a day? I could get my weekend chores (like, y'know, laundry) done tomorrow and not have to worry about getting everything done when we get back on Sunday. And it's not like I'm working on an urgent deadline at the moment - I'm just working on accumulated "stuff".

I'll have to decide before I go home tonight, anyway - I really should either remind my boss that I won't be in tomorrow, or let him know that I've changed my mind at some point today.
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2010-03-08 09:53 am

My weekend +/-

+ Glorious, sunshine-y weather
- not being able to find my roller blades. For the first time in years, I wanted to go out on them, and I have no idea where they are. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I gave them away at some point.
+ Starting a new mystery Knit-a-long project - a purple lacewieght shawl, with beading.
- Having to rip said shawl halfway back because the designer misunderstood my question about how the nupps were to be worked.
- My cholesterol has gone through the roof in the last three months, prompting my doctor to prescribe cholesterol pills. I'm really, really ambivalent about taking them. I think I'm gonna try actually being careful about what I eat, instead. My 3-4 chocolate bars a week habit has to go bye-bye. I'm just not sure what else to change - I don't eat a lot of fast food, although the amount has gone up recently and will be cut back. I have been drinking pop recently, so that'll be cut out - HFCS has got to be a bad thing. M and I spent part of the weekend trying to figure out what had changed to make my cholesterol readings go up my 50% in 3 months, and that's about all we could come up with. I've been eating more pizza, more pop, and more chocolate, so all that will be going away (or at least being cut way, way back).
+ Coming up with a plan for facing the cholesterol problems. I can't just do my usual thing and ignore it, for once.
+ Snow melting - can green, growing things be far behind?
+ Finally figuring out a good chicken tikka marinade (I doubled the cayenne, and it finally has enough kick)
+ Sunshine, and not needing to wear winter boots this morning.
+ A short work week - I have Friday off.
+ An upcoming visit with family, and getting to see my nephew!
+ Sunshine!
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2010-02-19 10:34 am

Take that!

I've spent the last week pretty much glued to the tv.

The Olympics have been a lot of fun to watch, and I'm loving the Snowboard stuff, especially

(Typical household conversation this week:
Me, watching the Snowboard Cross: "Man, that looks like fun, I'd love to do that!"
M, with raised eyebrows: "Please start on the bunny hill. I'd prefer you didn't, y'know... DIE!")

Anyway, the Men's Figure Skating final last night was fabulous.
More figure skating blather )
On the schedule for tonight: Ice Dance Compulsaries!
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2010-02-07 12:02 pm
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So, I thought I'd give home-dying my hair a try. One of the casualties of my home-ownership budget was getting my hair coloured regularly, and it's been boring the crap outta me recently.

I picked out a brand, selected a colour, and this morning, screwed my courage to the sticking point and gave it a shot.

The goal? reddish with blonde highlights (see icon for example. *g*)

The result? brunette with blonde polka dots.

Oh well, it'll grow out or fade eventually, right?
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2009-10-26 11:36 am
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Love it!

So, I have just discovered the joy that is good cookware. (Yes, I am mumbly-mumble years old. Why do you ask?).

While out shopping yesterday, we found a KitchenAid ceramic roaster for 60% off, and picked it up. And then, we cooked a turkey for dinner last night.

Holy crap, it's sweet.

The turkey was cooked in exactly the amount of time that it should have been (which kinda threw off the rest of dinner actually; I was expecting the turkey to take about an hour longer, since it always does.) And, it was nicely cooked through, with no over- or under-done spots. The biggest problem that we had was that the bird was probably actually a little too small for the roaster, and so we had to add some stock to the bottom of the pan to keep it from drying out.

The best part was cleanup, though. Instead of having to leave the roaster to soak overnight and then spend half an hour scrubbing to get it clean, it just ... wiped clean. It. Just. Wiped. Clean. After cooking a turkey.

When I start rhapsodizing over cookware? You know it's gotta be good. *g* Either that, or, yes, my life is just that exciting.
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2009-10-21 10:43 am
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Is it just me?

So, I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical.

One of the things that came up was my unusually-low blood pressure. The first time she took it, the number came up as 90/50. As [ profile] crystal_diva noted, that's the point at which, on ER, they start yelling "We're losing her!". So, the doctor then asked me if I'm dizzy or light-headed often, I said no, she re-did the test, and got 90/70. A little better, but still pretty low.

The thing is, it occurred to me later that I damn near passed out in the middle of the liquor store on Sunday. I put it down to the cold I'm getting over at the time, but I was certainly dizzy. Hell, every time I stand up, I grab for a table or chair to balance myself to make sure I won't fall down again. But, everyone gets a little bit of a head rush, right?

If I don't have a symptom in mind when I go in to the doctor (i.e., if I'm not visiting about that specific thing), if I'm asked if I have it, I say "No." Always. Am I the only one who does this? It's a bad thing to do, I think, since my doctor never gets a complete picture of what's going on.

I'm wondering if it boils down to, for me, ignoring any symptoms so that they're not "real", or just the stoic-don't-make-a-fuss-thing that's standard in my family. Or maybe, if I think something's normal, it just doesn't occur to me that it might not be.

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2009-09-15 10:09 am

Springsteen tickets for sale :-(

With some recent unexpected bills (I wish comprehensive pet insurance had been around/promoted when our pets were still young enough to qualify, that's for sure), M and I have decided we'll have to skip the roadtrip to Jersey to see Springsteen & the E Street Band close out Giants stadium. :-(

So, I'm now looking to sell the pair of tickets. I'd like to recover the cost of the tickets, so I'll sell them for $150US or $170Cdn, if anyone wants them. They're in section 313 row 8, and they're for the Saturday Oct. 3 show. If you're interested, just let me know.

(I'm not really expecting anyone on my friends list will want them - I don't think I know anyone in the New York/New Jersey area, let alone anyone in the area who's into Springsteen, but I thought I'd ask)

Has anyone used StubHub to buy/sell tickets? Any recommendations for or against? Are there any other good ways for selling tickets? I could use eBay as well, I guess, but with StubHub I don't think I'd need to worry about getting paid the same way. Besides, there are over a thousand sets of tickets for the series of concerts on sale on eBay - I'd think it would be really, really easy to get lost in the shuffle.