Dec. 23rd, 2003

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My sister & I spent the day making chocolates for my Grandmother for Christmas. Believe it or not, truffles are much harder to make in this house than they are in my apartment, back in Toronto. Mom keeps the house fairly cool, and the chocolate for the coating was constantly turning solid. When I do them at my place, the air temp's warm enough that the chocolate stays nice and liquid, even at room temperature.

We do this any year we're home early enough, though. Grandmother gets this great big smile on her face when she sees them, and actually hides them away when she gets home so that no-one else will eat them. Since she weighs all of 100 pounds soaking wet, we don't even have to feel guilty about contributing to a weight problem - it's all good.

Tonight, I've been dragooned into going to Dad's Church Choir practice. I know the choirmaster - I sang in the choir at St. Mark's for about 12 years, so they do know me there - and she needs someone to play a triangle or a rain stick for one of the Christmas Eve anthems. So, I'm off the choir practice tonight to play an instrument for the anthem, and Sis will be playing the other instrument. I don't know what I'll do if she asks me to sing with them, too. It's been years since I've sung, and my voice is nowhere near what it was. These days, I can't even tell when I'm singing flat, I'm that out of practice.


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