Nov. 5th, 2003

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So, it's once again time for the popslash Secret Santa project, don we now our gay apparel. I started reading popslash early last year, and I remember how impressed I was with the collection of stories from last Christmas. It's a neat project, and one of the nicest things I've seen in fandom. 130 people promising to write stories for other people, and almost everybody delivering - that's kinda cool.

Sign-up is open until tomorrow, and I keep wondering if maybe this is the way for me to get a fanfic actually finished. Give myself a hard deadline, with others counting on me, and some starting parameters. It's open to newbie writers, and they're actually setting up a mentoring system so that people like me can get help from more experienced writers if they hit a snag.

I've got a number of different story fragments, in three different fandoms (X-Files, QAF-UK, Smallville) sitting around on pieces of paper (at least I think I still have the Mulder/Krycek story around somewhere), but I never manage to finish anything. Would this get me to finish?

The pluses: hard deadline, starting parameters, available hand-holding if/when I get stuck.

The minuses: if I can't finish, I'll be screwing up a great project, and probably end up on popslash's blacklist forever :-). At the very least, if I do ever get some practise in and some writing completed so that I feel more confident in a year or so, they'll never let me sign up again. Even if I do finish, what if it sucks?

Ugh. I don't know what to do. I wish I had a little more confidence in my abilities as a writer. I mean, I angst over journal entries. Would I be able to actually put a story out there?


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