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Wow, I've really gotten out of the habit of posting, haven't I? Six months, it's been. Not that I was ever a prolific poster, mind, but six months seems a bit much.

Anyway, I spent last night out at a reading by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, i.e. the Yarn Harlot, followed by dinner with [ profile] crystal_diva and [ profile] neeuqdrazil (Hmm, I should drop a line to Dreamwidth to allow for links to ravelry IDs - they would be a little more appropriate here).

Anyway, the reading was lots of fun. Stephanie was really entertaining, and having heard her voice, I'll be hearing her read her blog in my head from now on. The bookstore was obviously not quite prepared for us - they had maybe 40 chairs put out, and I'd say there were 100-150 people there. It was hard to see how many people were in the standing-room only areas, like us. It was kinda fun, being in a largeish group of people, most of whom had knitting in their hands. There was a wide variety of projects on display, and I think I freaked the woman next to me out a bit when she hauled out an sweater with an intricate pattern of twisted stitches, and I gushed over it. She was peppered with questions - what pattern? what yarn? and I think she got a little flustered. *g* And [ profile] neeuqdrazil had a bee-you-ti-ful test knit shawl in three different colours of Indigodragonfly's fabulous yarn.

It was a fun evening. I really should try to get out more. *g*

Speaking of which, M & I have tickets to see Hey Rosetta! next week, so that will be two weeks in a row where I've actually been out socially on a work night. Woo-hoo!
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