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60 solid minutes of lightning and thunder, and watching the sky for changing colours and circling clouds. We put supplies in the basement, in case we had to take refuge. We put new batteries in our flashlights.

We lost power 3 times, only once for more than a couple of seconds.

And I discovered that the 4 "D" batteries I had for my battery-powered radio won't do much good when the radio needs 6 of them.

Now, the worst seems to have passed, and I'm marveling at the colour of the sky. It's like dawn, at 8 o'clock at night.

Is everyone else in the GTA/Southern Ontario ok?
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I'm not liking this much at all.

It's bad enough that's it's cold outside - we took the puppies for a walk last night, and in 20 minutes, even wearing long underwear, my legs were numb when we got home - but it's cold inside, too.

Our heaters here in the office are pumping out heat at a remarkable rate, and it's making no difference. It's COLD in here. I've got sweaters on, so the core of me isn't bad, but... the faster I type, the colder my fingers get. I can't type in gloves, I just can't. My typing's bad enough as it is. I'm even being somewhat productive - the solution to a problem that's been on the back burner for a couple of days hit me this morning, and trying to code it is making my fingers go numb and white.

Damn my genetically-inclined over-reaction to cold! When my fingers start turning blue, I'll give up and try typing with gloves on. *g*
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What a lovely day it is outside.

We were up and out early, tackling the snow piled up in our driveway. Now, normally, I'm not a huge fan of shoveling snow. This morning, though? It felt like a block party. It's such a beautiful day outside, and everyone was out, talking, laughing, helping each other out. I met more neighbors today than I have in the the three months since I moved in. The kids next door were having a ball, using crazy carpets to go down the banks into the yards, having snowball fights, just pushing each other into the snow. This is starting to feel like a neighborhood, and I think it's gonna be a good one.

There's something about the sound of a bunch of kids screaming in laughter, even at 10 in the morning, that just makes a day seem brighter, y'know?


Feb. 4th, 2007 06:49 pm
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For the first time ever, I went looking all over my car to find out if there was a block heater built-in that I could plug in. Unfortunately, there wasn't. Then I started my car for a bit, and the engine made sad, sad noises that I've never heard before.

I don't remember it ever being this cold.

I wonder if she'll start in the morning.

Il Pleut

Jul. 10th, 2006 01:03 pm
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It s raining very, very hard outside.

I have:
  • No Jacket
  • No Umbrella


I think I may actually need to buy something to eat off the traveling lunch truck. Haven't done that in years....


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