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On Monday, we're having a HDTV antenna installed on the roof.

Now, I know we could have just bought the equipment and installed it ourselves, but the thought of me or Mike up on the roof to install the thing, plus us drilling a hole into the house to get the cable in... Nope, not gonna happen. That's what people who do this kinda thing for a living are out there for.

Monday night, I'll cancel my cable, and bring the box back to Rogers.

It's odd - the only thing I'll really think we'll miss is Cake Boss (which is watchable online) - and maybe the Weather Network.

I just figured, if I was gonna try to break from from the Rogers fold, it would be a good thing to get it done BEFORE the new season actually starts, and I get back into the habit of watching 15 gazillions shows, most of them on at the same time. Now I'll be forced into one at a time, and hopefully, I'll actually cut back a little. *g* Hopefully.

To top it off, those shows we do watch - on the 20 or so channels we should be able to get - will have a much higher picture quality. Have you seen the over-the-air HDTV picture quality? It's absolutely fantastic!
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And I think the version of Proud Mary that Tina Turner and Beyonce just performed was magic.

Every now and again, the Grammys just come up with a performance that just stops your breath. I think I've just seen this year's.

(And can you believe that Tina has legs that are arguably better than Beyonce's? The woman's gotta be hitting 70!)


Apr. 10th, 2007 11:45 am
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I don't know if everyone's seen it yet, but..the new Heroes promo is out.

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Gakked from just about everybody....

And I thought for sure I'd be Hiro... )


Aug. 29th, 2006 06:49 pm
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Space is gonna be carrying Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica starting Oct. 7th!

Yes, this makes me happy. *g* We'll get the episodes a day after they broadcast on SciFi in the US, and that means I can watch them when they're broadcast here legitimately, and not miss out on all the episode discussion that happens on LJ. Yay!

And, as a bonus, the SciFi promos! The new season looks so cool. *g*
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Chum's ordered twenty episodes of a series based on Tanya Huff's Blood series!

From the release:
Blood Ties is based on Tanya Huff’s internationally popular "Blood" novels. When her latest love interest turns out to be a 450-year-old vampire and the caseload of her fledgling P.I. agency shifts from fraud artists and cheating spouses to battles with ghosts, ghouls, zombies and demons, ex-police detective Vicki Nelson realizes that her life will never be the same. The series will be produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment and goes into production later this summer. (22 X 60’).

The full press release.

How cool is that? I hope it'll be good. *g* I know a lot depends on the writers and directors, and there's nothing about that in the release, but I live in hope...
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Now, these are neat...

Here are quicktime versions of The River Tam Sessions. For the character? These are chilling. Little pieces of her history, and they just break your heart. (And no Serenity spoilers, although there are certainly some for Firefly itself)

It appears to be viral marketing at it's finest. Universal is claiming no knowledge, but given that Joss is the interviewer, I'd say they're pretty official. They've been release into the wild, out on the internet, and the fans are spreading the clips, rather than the studio.

I'll have to keep watching the site (or Whedonesque), because I think there will be more.
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So, I watched the latest Stargate: Atlantis episode last night, and I'm left with one thing.

I really, really want to see the apology scene between MacKay & Zelenka. minor spoilers for SG:A 2x06 - Trinity )

This is how fanfic writers get started, isn't it? I can see how the scene would start - there would have to be coffee, from the secret stash of good stuff that you know Rodney's got. And there would have to be much, much grovelling. But I've really got nothing else. I think I might have to try, though...
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Yeah, I know I shoulda been packing last night. I had to take a break and watch Veronica Mars, though, didn't I?

Spoilers for VM 1x18 )

Only four more weeks in the season. And I may not have cable or at-home internet for one of those weeks! I'm not sure I'll survive. *g*
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First up, I loved this episode.

Spoilers for V-Mars ep 1x15 )

No new episode for 5 weeks? That sucks.

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Once again, I am in awe. I love this show!

The Girl Next Door, AKA Subtext? Really? )

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Just when I'm about to give up on Smallville, they go and pull off an episode that makes me fall in love with it, all over again.
Smallville 3x19 - Memoria )
5 Stars for this one, AlMiles.
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First off, the Good News - Sci Fi is doing a Farscape miniseries! Yay! They're managed to sign the original cast - or, at least, they've signed Ben Browder and Claudia Black. This makes me happy. I just hope that Space picks it up here in Canada.

The bad news - Everwood was new last night, and I missed it. The last time I checked the interactive guide (Friday morning, I think), a re-run was scheduled. So, I didn't even turn it on to check. That's the first time that I can recall the IPG misleading me. Oh well, at least the WB replays Everwood on Sunday. I'll just have to remember to set my system up to tape before heading out of town for Easter.

The West Wing, Season 1 )
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I don't have a lot to say about this yet, but Wow.

Spoilers )

That's two really good episodes in a row. Why is this only happening now, when the show has been cancelled?
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After thinking a little, I've noticed a few other things about the episode.

Spoilers for Damage )
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I really liked both shows last night. Both had some excellent dialog, some good characterization, and very few WTF? moments.

Smallville 3x11 - Delete )
And, over on Angel...
Angel 5x11- Damage )
A good night of TV.
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Man, I love me this show. It's rapidly moving up the ranks on my favourites list, settling in behind Angel and The O.C., and actually ahead of Smallville, I think. Every week, it makes me feel, and that's really good.

tonight's show )

What is it with teen dramas shows having parents/adults acting in reasonable, responsible, caring ways this year? The O.C., Everwood, and Joan of Arcadia all have focus on teenagers, but good storylines for the adults. I don't remember 90210 being like that, and Buffy certainly wasn't (except for Giles, but he wasn't a parent). Best parent on TV is probably a toss-up between Sandy Cohen (The O.C.), Harold Abbott (Everwood), and Helen Girardi (Joan of Arcadia). It amazes me to find one teen show with a well-written adult, but to find three? I wonder what's going on in Hollywood.


Nov. 20th, 2003 11:48 am
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I was out at a Raptors game last night, so I watched Smallville when I got home, and Angel this morning before I left for work. I enjoyed both shows immensely, although for different reasons.
Smallville 3.08-Shattered )

I so need to make an icon with screencaps from the episode and the lyrics to "Hurt". I've never heard Johnny Cash's version before, and it was amazing.

Angel 5.08 - Destiny )


Oct. 3rd, 2003 02:21 pm
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Well, I was going to make some entries about Wednesday night's Smallville and Angel episodes, but most of what I would say has already been said, and better by others.

My basic reactions: Tom Welling is a pretty, pretty man. The plotting of the episode was predictable, but I'll probably watch it over and over again, just to see RedK!Clark smirk.

Wesley is still hot, even with less angst. And, Gunn cleans up real nice.

Why, yes, I am shallow. Why do you ask? :-)
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Well, that was an expensive lunch hour. I wandered out to my closest bookstore, looking for a copy of Paladin of Souls (which I still haven't found). One of the stores near the bookstore is a Danier Leather Outlet, so I brought along the leather jacket I'd bought there a year ago to get a button sewn back on.

Big mistake - walking into that store means I leave with something, every time. I'm now the owner of a tan suede blazer/fall jacket - or I will be in a week, once I get it back from having the sleeves shortened.

Sigh. I have no willpower. I can't really afford the jacket right now, but that doesn't stop me from buying it. I'm beginning to believe that credit cards are bad things.

On other topics, last night's West Wing )


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