Jun. 3rd, 2007 06:45 pm
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For those at the party a week ago, M finally managed to catch a few pictures of the turkey that did such a good job of terrorizing him last week. There's nothing in the pictures to give scale, but yeah, he's pretty big. This turkey just keeps wandering through the yard. It's actually kinda weird. *g*

Pictures of the infamous Clive )

This Flickr thing could get addictive. Blogging from it's not as easy as I'd like, though.
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The snow last weekend made for some pretty sights out near Mike's place. So, when we took the dogs for a walk between the snow squalls on Sunday, I took my camera with me. We lucked out, having the snow on Saturday - if it had happened any earlier in the week, the trails would have been groomed for cross-country skiing, and that would have meant that we shouldn't walk on them.

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I went camping last weekend with M, my sister, and her guy. I took a number of pictures while there, and so I thought I would try out LJ's the new picture hosting interface. I figured I'd try out the automatic post to LJ function. So, here's 4 pictures of "the great outdoors" variety.
Fall in Ontario )

Hey, I like this new posting interface. I usually use a client, so this is the first time I've tried it. Now I'm wondering why most of my friendslist seems to dislike it.


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