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On Monday, we're having a HDTV antenna installed on the roof.

Now, I know we could have just bought the equipment and installed it ourselves, but the thought of me or Mike up on the roof to install the thing, plus us drilling a hole into the house to get the cable in... Nope, not gonna happen. That's what people who do this kinda thing for a living are out there for.

Monday night, I'll cancel my cable, and bring the box back to Rogers.

It's odd - the only thing I'll really think we'll miss is Cake Boss (which is watchable online) - and maybe the Weather Network.

I just figured, if I was gonna try to break from from the Rogers fold, it would be a good thing to get it done BEFORE the new season actually starts, and I get back into the habit of watching 15 gazillions shows, most of them on at the same time. Now I'll be forced into one at a time, and hopefully, I'll actually cut back a little. *g* Hopefully.

To top it off, those shows we do watch - on the 20 or so channels we should be able to get - will have a much higher picture quality. Have you seen the over-the-air HDTV picture quality? It's absolutely fantastic!
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I spent the day yesterday outside, gardening, planning new gardens, moving around the BBQ, doing some weeding, talking with the neighbors...

Y'know what? It was a really good day. My legs are tired today (mostly from crouching to weed - making our front garden as wide as we did may have been a little short-sighted *g*), but they're a good tired.

We're still trying to figure out the best kind of shade tree for the back corner, though. Our backyard faces west, and so it really really hot in the afternoons. We'd like to add trees for shade, but anything that's big enough to actually cast shade is prohibitively expense, and we'd like it to be shade-casting in less than 20 years. So, oaks and maples are out. *g* We were thinking maybe a black walnut or possibly a peach tree, but I'll have to do a little research on growth speeds and heights for those. I loved the walnut trees out at M's old place in Cambridge, so that seems a good way to go - as long as the combination of 10-year sapling we can afford + length of time until it actually casts shade isn't too out to lunch.

I'm impatient, I know.

Life is good.


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