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I think my subconscious may be trying to tell me something.

I very rarely remember my dreams. I assume I have them, but I don't generally have any idea what they were actually about. Last night was a little different. I had two different dreams where I did the same dumb thing.

I was at an ATM, and I got distracted and walked away with my card still in the machine. I don't remember why in the first dream, but in the second, I was showing [ profile] crystal_diva how to knit a washcloth, so I was away from the machine for 15 minutes or so. I went back to the machine, and not only was my card still in it, but all my money was still in my account. There was a lineup, and people had just been patiently waiting for me to get back.

How weird is that? I know I'm a little careless with how I spend my money, but my subconscious has never flat-out told me I was stupid before. Or maybe it was just trying to re-affirm my belief in the basic decency of people. Nothing was taken, after all...

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For most of my life, as far as I can tell, I just haven't dreamed. I mean, I know I must - there's the whole "you go insane without R.E.M. sleep" thing, and I think I'm still sane (stop snickering, [ profile] angelfire1969 and [ profile] mycrazyhair) - but I never, ever remember anything I dream about.

Three times since Sunday night, I've had vivid, unpleasant dreams that made me wake up in a sweat. Sunday night's was fairly mild - M & I were having an argument because he'd called a cab too late to get us to the airport on time. Of course, we were at his place in Cambridge and the airport involved was Heathrow, which would make a cab ride...difficult at best. Still, that's dreams for you. This one's even fairly transparent in cause - his habit of procrastinating until the last possible moment on big, life-changing decisions drives me nuts. I'm a big fan of certainty.

Last night's, though, qualified as a full-on nightmare. There were dead cats, and being stalked, and... it really wasn't nice. It's faded, mostly, now - all I can really remember is being afraid - but it was bad. At least M wasn't in that one. *g*

So now I'm wondering, what's going on in my subconscious that this would be happening now? More importantly, how do I make it stop? I'd really like to get a full night's sleep sometime soon.


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