Aug. 25th, 2010

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All of a sudden, Firefox will not start on my work computer. Well, that's not entirely true - it starts and then immediately crashes (complete with the Mozilla Crash Reporter popping up).

I've installed no new hardware or software, although some of my Firefox add-ons did update yesterday.

So today, I'm using Google Chrome. *g* It seems to work pretty well, although I miss my FoxyTunes control and my Flashblock (and my RSS reader)

Hopefully a reboot tonight will solve the problem; otherwise, I've no idea how to fix it other than a complete new install.
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On Monday, we're having a HDTV antenna installed on the roof.

Now, I know we could have just bought the equipment and installed it ourselves, but the thought of me or Mike up on the roof to install the thing, plus us drilling a hole into the house to get the cable in... Nope, not gonna happen. That's what people who do this kinda thing for a living are out there for.

Monday night, I'll cancel my cable, and bring the box back to Rogers.

It's odd - the only thing I'll really think we'll miss is Cake Boss (which is watchable online) - and maybe the Weather Network.

I just figured, if I was gonna try to break from from the Rogers fold, it would be a good thing to get it done BEFORE the new season actually starts, and I get back into the habit of watching 15 gazillions shows, most of them on at the same time. Now I'll be forced into one at a time, and hopefully, I'll actually cut back a little. *g* Hopefully.

To top it off, those shows we do watch - on the 20 or so channels we should be able to get - will have a much higher picture quality. Have you seen the over-the-air HDTV picture quality? It's absolutely fantastic!


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